June 3, 2019

Khali here. I was told I have a couple of newsletters to get out in the next month. OMP! I am pretty busy taking care of the new baby Jolene, and then taking naps because she is a handful! I hope everyone is noticing what a good big sister I have been to Jolene. I’m not always the crabby, fun police! BOL. I think Jolene is doing really well; we are working on her manners, her listening, and her eating. Remember how I used to be a little barracuda at food time and when getting treats? Well Jolene is like a rabid little wolverine. She is having some issues with eating too fast, and mom and dad are in danger of losing fingers when giving out treats. I’m trying to show her the right ways but she is still young and doesn’t listen too well. She’ll get it though. She’s a smartie one! Jolene and Huck are always a playin, wrestling, and causing a ruckus. I slipped Huck some extra treats for giving me a break, which I much appreciate. Wilbur just looks at Jolene like she is crazy, but he is doing pretty well. If Jolene starts to get on his last nerve, I go save him and tell her to stop. Even Phoenix loves baby JoJo. Of course, Phoenix loves all of us. She’s the best Akita big sister ever, and no one in the neighborhood messes with us. Not even the Cujo that lives up the street by the mailbox!

Have you seen gramma Mocha yet? She just got here and by the time you read this, mom and dad will have taken her to the vet place. I LOVE THE VET PLACE!! Cheese!! BOL. Maybe I should go with her? Anyway, she is old, about 9 years old, and the people who had her didn’t take too good a care of her. She is kinda blind and kinda hard of hearing. Daddy is a sucker for the old breeder girls so takes special care of her to make sure she gets around OK. She is doing pretty good so far. All she does is sleep. It’s kinda funny though: I pretend I am deaf and can’t hear daddy, and I sleep all day and no one treats me special. I think daddy is on to my tricks! BOL!! Anyway, I’ll keep you up to date on how she is doing.

So I need to talk about some sad news for a minute. It has been pretty rough this last month. While I have been doing my best helping mom and dad at the Pad, there are just somethings that happen that are out of our control. We have had three Lily Pad alumni that have went to the rainbow bridge recently and it is very hard on all of us at the Pad. While I hope that I will live forever because Daddy will fall apart without me, and while the rescue work that we do is very rewarding, it also means we accept the risks and heartaches that special needs pups bring because of their medical fragility. Mom and dad become very close to each pup, and are invested in the quality of life that each pup receives. That doesn’t always mean a long life, but rather the best life a pup can have, no matter how long they live. My friend Marshal Marshmallow was no longer living a good, safe life and so he had to say goodbye. My friend Duby had a stomach problem, it got all twisted and such, and he passed too. Finally Holly, who was named Gidget when she went to her new family…well, she had the same problems as Lily, only they escalated really fast, before she was even one year old. What the bark? You just never know how long you will have with a furbaby, but us special needs pups are even more uncertain. That is why mom and dad always find the bestest, most loving homes for each of us. While you never know how long you’ll have, at least we know that each pup is going to be living their best life, in a wonderful, loving home! I just wish we could all live forever. I talked with Lily and she knows they are all coming. Of course she is all excited, bouncing around like a goatee, you know how she is. She says she is ready and will take good care of them. You know this got me thinking…while we are sad at the Pad, Lily is happy because she has new friends to play with. And you know what? Those new friends don’t have to worry anymore about being hurt, sick, or not being able to run!! OMP! They are all healthy, can run around, jump, play chuck-it ball, and not have to worry about hurting anymore. That’s good news, and it makes me pretty happy when I feel sad about losing members of the Pad. So run free Marshall, with all four legs!! Run free Duby, with no worries of breathing or sore hips! Run free Gidget, you are a biggie bulldog now, and your kidneys won’t slow you down anymore. We love you!


If you have any questions for Khali you can email them to Khali’s Korner at Lilyspadrescue@gmail.com Daddypad will help read the questions to Khali so she can answer them in the next newsletter!

Pamela Ingram