November 26, 2017

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Hello everyone, Khali here.  It’s been two months since the last Korner!  BOL!!  I’s slackin.  No excuse for not doing my job.  Although I have been a pout’n for one reason or another. You know me, it’s always something.  BOL!!

Phirst da goodie news.  Just like last month…Goodie, goodie, goodie.  Did ja hear? Did ja? Did, ja?  Lil Bane-berry found his realz fambly.  Dat rite!  I not pwayin arounds.  Bane will be going down to the California place in just a couple weeks…just in time for da Christmas!  I guess we better put a bow wan him!  BOL!!  He be plyin with auntie Nicole for delivery to da Molly and Patti mommas.  And guessie who Bane’s aunt will be…can you guessie??  Dr. Adams!  Dat rite!!  Dat the doctor who started it all with Lily!  OMP!!  Dat where the pad got Lily!!  Goodie, goodie, goodie!  What a good home for little Bane-berry!!

Second…didja see that little panda bear we had yesterday?  Dat be the Charity, but I call her Chicklets.  Didja check out da little toofers?  SO cutie!  Daddypad was talking crazy like maybe keepin her here at the pad.  What the bark?!!  I told him that wasn’t possible.  BOL!  I don’t need to be competing with a little panda bear!

OK, on to some serious news. Da Lilypad is doing good the last couple days, but I’s worried about her.  She not feeling well all the timze, and that makes me sad.  I luv my sissy even doe we pight sometimez.  Mommy and Daddy says she sickie, and are sad too.  We keeping and eye on her to make sure she have more better days than baddie ones.  I am trying to be nice and cuddle with her when she is letting me.  Maybe that’s why I rushie the cat today.  I gotz all this energy for play and I have to chase somefing.  BOL!!  Dat cat, he is a pest!  Sometimez he just stares at me.  That gets my furz up.  I told him to take a picture but he just kept a starin, so I rushied him.  I never hurt him so I don’t know what the biggie deal is.  Anywayz, Lily is habin a good dayz, but I’ll let you know’d if anyting happenz.

Otay…dat enuf out of me.  Time for my after dinner nappie. I try to write sooner next time, problay for da Christmas timez.

Lubs you all,

Khali-bear (daddy’s little rhino)

Rachel Davis