The Pad Residents

Our Bulldogs 



Wilbur is the sweethearted, slightly anxious patriarch of the Pad. He can typically be found either in his Tee Pee relaxing or providing companionship to a new pup going out to do their ‘potty business’.



Khali was part of founding of LPR. She was the second pup to join the rescue and is part of our logo. She is DaddyPad’s girl and reluctantly shares him with the others. She is also the author of Khali’s Korner Blog.

New Huck.jpg


Huck officially became a Pad resident on December 25, 2017. He was born with four legs and Spina Bifida but his spine was twisting due to his deformed back legs. He has never even noticed they were amputated and is the life of the party at the Pad.



Jolene (originally named Darla) is the newest addition to the Pad Pack. JoJo came to the pad on March 19, 2019. She is an English Bulldog and has Spina Bifida.

Other Other Residents

Phoenix New.jpg


Mama Phoenix is our resident Akita. She was born in 2013. She loves all the new pups who come into rescue and guards the Pad day and night. She and Khali are best buds.

Lewis Kitteh new.jpg

Lewis Kitten

Lewis is the Pad’s feline resident.