The first step in the process of becoming a foster home for Lily’s Pad Rescue is to complete this application. The application provides important information. Working with you, we will be able to determine if the home is in the pet's best interest, and the process ensures that you will find a pet well-suited to your lifestyle until they can find their forever home. Please provide detailed information for all questions.

To qualify to become a foster home, you must:

Have a valid driver's license or state Identification Card stating your current address.
Have the knowledge and consent of a landlord, if relevant.
Be able and willing to spend the time training, working with, and giving the pet affection.
You must also be able to attend the adoption events and stay in constant contact with the rescue providing pictures, videos and updated information for their bios.

Please note: We reserve the right to refuse you as a foster. Please be advised that we will not allow you to foster a pet if you mislead or fail to provide accurate information on this application.

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