Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by “special needs bulldogs?”

Lily’s Pad Rescue is focused on rescuing bulldogs with medical needs, most often Spina Bifida. These dogs have special medical considerations in regards to their daily care.

Why do your babies wear diapers? What is involved in the daily care for them?

Bulldogs with Spina Bifida are most often incontinent of urine and feces. This means they are unable to control their pooping and peeing. When indoors or out in public, they wear diapers. We use baby diapers as they are more cost effective. They also require good hygiene with each diaper change. This involves use of incontinence spray, baby wipes, and a&d ointment to protect the skin.  It is also very important that your bulldog gets plenty of “nudie booty” time to get air to the area. If the bulldog also has mobility issues, there may be other daily care needs. This would always be discussed prior to adoption, if issues are known to us.

Why are your adoption fees so much less than buying from a breeder or pet store?

We keep our adoption fees low because we understand the cost associated with taking on the care of a special needs bulldog. We want the money to go toward caring for your new baby. That said, we always accept donations and if you are inclined to donate more than the adoption fee, we will gladly accept!