Gone but never forgotten

Rainbow Bridge

These are the dogs who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, are gone but never forgotten. Each one has had an impact on what we do and who we are as a rescue. Every single life that comes into our care has their own unique personality, their own story. We are dedicated to sharing every single one, regardless of the outcome.


Lilypad…how do I even begin? Lilypad was born 10/24/14 and her journey to the rainbow bridge was complete 9/28/18, at 6:20pm. Lilypad changed the world. She changed my world. She changed many lives, both human and canine. She started LPR when she entered our lives. She gave me joy every single day. She taught us what it meant to love without conditions, because thats what she did. This girl loved everybody! She would do anything to get that love back. She always had a “two-toofer” smile for you. When you met her, you knew you were in the presence of the most magical rainbow unicorn with magic kisses! I could go on and on…but instead I will end with this. Lily’s Pad Rescue was born with Lilypad, and we will go on working to better the lives of special needs bulldogs, because that is the Lilypad way. Lilypad, I love you baby girl…your Mamapad loves you.


Tinkerbell was about 5 years old when she came to live with us. We had hoped that we would find her a furever family, but we learned she had very severe intestinal issues that were causing her a great deal of pain. We found Tink too late to save her. She became another hospice case. We loved her very much.


Mimi was a 9 year old who came to us via another rescue, but lived out her final days in our hospice care.  She was bred her whole life and then dumped on the streets. She had multiple infections, was blind and deaf. She quickly learned she could trust us to give her a safe and warm space. We loved her very much.


Buddy came to us as an owner surrender, severely malnourished and less than 25 pounds. He lived a very hard life until the day he came to Lily’s Pad. Here he knew love, patience, understanding, and a full belly. When Buddy died at nearly 11 years old, he took a piece of our hearts with him. We will honor him every day. The best way to honor Buddy, is to continue our work!


Scooter found his way under the LPR safety umbrella by way of the Valley Oaks SPCA and the veterinarian and vet techs in their clinic. He was bred in Visalia, CA. He had a very rough start to life. The breeder neglected his special needs, causing him to develop more severe physical ailments. Luckily, his saviors contacted LPR. He stayed with his foster mama, who ultimately loved him so much, she adopted him. Greatest foster fail ever! Sadly, Scooter ended up with a blockage in his small intestine and he got very sick. He was so weak, and surgery was very risky, but it became the only option to try to save him. Unfortunately, Scooter proved to be too weak for surgery and passed away on June 30th, 2017. We all miss him so much, but we know Scooter is in good company at the Rainbow Bridge.


Ollie came to LPR as an owner surrender, due to her inability to care for him, though she loved him dearly. Ollie was adopted by a veterinarian in California where he received all the medical attention he needed, due to mega Esophagus. He was a sweet, grumpy old man and loved very much. Ollie was cared for by the adoptive mama of our very own Scooter as well. Unfortunately, Ollie developed aspiration pneumonia, a common complication of mega Esophagus. He was medically treated, but his poor old body just couldn’t pull through. Ollie will be missed terribly. RIP sweet boy…

Penny Pumpernickel

Penny Pumpernickel was a very special girl who came to LPR as just a wee pup. She got to know the love of her very own family, and though her time was short, she was loved more than she could ever imagine possible. Penny joined the others at the rainbow bridge on July 6, 2018. We will miss her so much.


Isabella was the sweetest little French Bulldog, who we were blessed with a few days after her birth. She was born 9/6/18 and made her journey to the rainbow bridge 10/16/18. Isabella was born with cleft palate, very severe, and hydrocephalus. Her little body fought so hard, and we fought along with her. We gave her every chance we could until her will to live could no longer beat her body’s need to let go. Isabella we will always love you, and you will never be forgotten.

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