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Calvin is a 3 year old (10/29/15) male French Bulldog with IVDD (Intervertebral Disk Disease). He is dependent on his wheels for mobility and wears diapers for incontinence.

Calvin is great with dogs and kids! The other thing we have learned about Calvin is that he does not believe himself to have any limitations. He literally tried to carry his cart right up the deck stairs!

Lily’s Pad Rescue has teamed up with Rocky Mountain French Bulldog Rescue on this one, so applications can be requested by either one of these groups by emailing lilyspadrescue@gmail.com or going to www.rmfbr.org and completing the online application.

Calvin is neutered and UTD on vaccines.

We are also accepting donations on behalf of Calvin to help us maintain our spay and neuters, vaccinations, microchipping, supply needs, and overall health care for other dogs like Calvin. You may make donations to our PayPal address at lilyspadrescue@gmail.com or sent via US Mail to Lily’s Pad Rescue 1701 Broadway # 258, Vancouver, WA 98663.


Holly came to LPR at 5 months old. She is a breeder/owner surrender. She was surrendered to us after being diagnosed with kidney disease, and the vet had recommended the owner euthanize her, stating she would have a poor quality of life. Well we know better than that here at Lily’s Pad!
Holly does indeed have Stage II Chronic Kidney Disease, as well as Osteochondrodysplasia, also known as Dwarfism. We will be managing her supportive care, with the idea that we will offer her the best quality of life possible.
Holly will not be accepting applications for adoption. We feel we have a good plan for her, and will update the public when we have all of the details.

Marshall Marshmallow

Marshall Marshmallow is a very spunky Old English Bulldog, born 6/25/18. He is a breeder surrender to LPR as of 9/6/18. Marshall has Spina Bifida with incontinence and severe hind end paralysis, requiring double hind leg amputation. He is fully incontinent of both bowel and bladder and will wear diapers lifelong. He is learning to use his cart, is starting swim and physical therapy.

Marshall is very playful, and definitely the dominant little guy. He is fostering with Dewie and they play quite well together, though he is for sure the boss in the bromance. He will do best in a home with another dog who doesn’t mind being bossed around a little bit. He will require a strong human leader to teach him manners and good behaviors.

LPR is accepting donations to assist in Marshall’s care needs, supplies, neuter, and vaccines. Donations may be made to our PayPal address at lilyspadrescue@gmail.com, or may be sent via US Mail to Lily’s Pad Rescue 1701 Broadway #258, Vancouver, WA 98663.


Mabel is a 5 year old (5/21/13) spayed female French Bulldog, who comes to us via owner surrender after she decided she no longer cared for the tiny human in the home. She is paralyzed in the hind end due to Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD). She is also incontinent of urine and stool.

Even though Mabel is paralyzed, she is very skilled in her pretty pink cart! She takes Gabapentin twice a day to help manage any pain associated with IVDD. She is getting use to wearing a diaper, and also has her bladder expressed a few times per day to help prevent urinary tract infections.

Mabel’s perfect family will have the patience to help her with her cart, her diapering, and bladder expression. They will have NO SMALL CHILDREN, so kids 10 and over only and must have good manners.

We are accepting applications for Mabel, as well as donations to help us with her care. Mabel is spayed, microchipped, and UTD on vaccines.

Any donations can be sent via PayPal to lilyspadrescue@gmail.com or U.S. Mail to Lily’s Pad Rescue, 1701 Broadway #258, Vancouver, WA 98663.



Boris came to LPR at about 9 months old, and quickly found his furever family in Hillsboro, OR. He fostered here at the Pad so we got to see just how amazing this guy is on a day to day basis. He has two very large Dogue de Bordeaux brothers and two little hound sisters. He also has 3 human sisters! Boris is very lucky and quite loved!

Remember, we ARE HERE FOR YOU!


Clyde is a very handsome English/Old English mix bulldog with Spina Bifida. He is about 8-9 months old and came to LPR on 9/18/18. He was first found dumped on the streets of California, then taken to a high kill shelter in Stockton, CA. One of our rescue partners pulled him to safety and we had one of our amazing volunteers drive him from Stockton to Visalia where he is in foster care.

But this will not be his story. No way. Clyde’s story has a happy ever after! You see, Clyde’s family was found right in the mix of our alumni! Clyde will be living out his life with Boris! We are so excited for both of these boys!

Grace, now Hazel

Hazel, formerly Grace, has found her furever home in Colorado with a lovely family and has her very own tiny humans to play with, and two fur siblings! She is very happy running in the yard and just being a puppy! Hazel had not been having any issues due to her hydrocephalus, really she is just a “normal” puppy!

We are so happy for Hazel and love getting photos sent to us. We will share them as they come in over on our Facebook page, Lily’s Pad Rescue.

Hazel, we love you and we are always here for you!

Ariel, now Bella

Ariel, now Bella is a beautiful 2 year old English Bulldog who sustained a spinal injury, causing paralysis in the hind end.

Bella came to us quite ill. She had pyrometra (uterine infection) and a severe bladder infection. She had to go in to surgery immediately to save her life. She came out of surgery like a champ and has been recovering well. During her recovery process we have also learned that she has head tremors, usually brought on by stress.

Bella has been adopted by her perfect furever family and is living in Oregon. She gets to be part of a home based daycare and loves to greet the kids each day. She also gets to go to the beach a lot to watch her Dad in surf competitions. She is living her BEST life.

LPR is always accepting donations to help cover the cost of surgeries such as the ones Bella had during her stay with us. Donations may be sent to our PayPal address, lilyspadrescue@gmail.com, or via US Mail to 1071 Broadway, #258, Vancouver, WA 98663.


Frankie is a 5 year old English Bulldog living under the care of a veterinary office in Toledo, OH, while we search for her furever family.

Frankie was brought to the vets office by her breeder asking for her to be euthanized. She was covered in fleas, demodex, and has stenotic ear canals from years of untreated chronic ear infections. The veterinarian refused to euthanize as these are all treatable conditions, so Frankie was surrendered to their care. LPR was then contacted to help find a family.

Frankie has been kept in a crate, used for breeding , her whole life. She is just starting to learn to trust humans again. For this reason, we are keeping our applications to her general area so that she does not have to travel far.

Frankie found her furever family just 30 minutes from her foster home! How lucky! Her mom was so excited to get her home and now Frankie is living like a Queen!

Frankie we love you, and will always be here for you!


Loki, the fabulous French Bulldog, came to us via owner surrender when his special needs were just a bit too much to handle. He has MegaEsophagus, which causes a lot of regurgitating and requires much patience, and cleaning supplies!

Loki is on a special feeding program, including burping and a feeding chair, called a Bailys Chair. This allows him to sit upright after meals so gravity can help in the digestive process. The really cool thing is that Loki has a new baby sister in his new furever home, who sits in a Bailys Chair right next to him! She has ME also!

Loki is now living it up in Colorado with his humans and fur siblings!

Loki you and your family hit the jackpot! We love you, and we are always here for you!

Lewie McChewie

Lewie McChewie was born November of 2017. He is a very sweet little guy with Spina Bifida and due to hind end paralysis, nerve pain, and ultimately infections, he has had both back legs amputated. He is diapered and uses a cart. His name is Lewie McChewie, because as a result of nerve pain in his foot, he chewed one of his toes to the point that we had to surgically remove it. While he recovered well from the surgery itself, we were unable to rid him of the offending pain. In order to help him find his best quality of life, the legs had to go.

Lewie McChewie gets across the room pretty fast, even on only two legs. He thrives being near other dogs and doesn’t know he’s any different than they are.  He loves to be near people too.  The more we have handled him and cuddled him through his recovery, the more he has warmed up to it, and now with his furever mom he loves his snuggle time!

Lewie was adopted by a lovely family in Lebanon, OR, and they are so perfect for him. Dad built him a ramp to get up onto the couch, and they have provided him with a stroller for outings, and they proudly show him off!

Lewie McChewie you and your family hit the jackpot! We love you, and we are always here for you!

Charlie (Dewie)

Dewie, also called Charlie, was born 4/15/2018 and came to us via owner surrender. He is paralyzed in the hind end but is quite mobile with or without a cart. He is fully incontinent of both bowel and bladder, therefore wears a diaper all the time.

This sweet boy found his family right here in Washington! We are so excited for his wonderful humans, and for Charlie. He loves them so much!

Charlie and family, we love you and we are always here for you!


Daisy, a sweet 6 month old French Bulldog came to us via breeder surrender with Spina Bifida. She is incontinent but her mobility is great! This girl is very special, and an application for her adoption was requested before we could even get her added to our website! She has been adopted by one of our long time friends, an English Bulldog named Cabo, and his mom. You can follow their sibling fun on Instagram at @cabo_the_englishbulldog and I am hearing talk of a Facebook page! I’ll announce this on our own Facebook and Ig pages!

Daisy, we are always here for you!


Duby, our very sweet 4 year old EB has been adopted by a great family here in Washington! He has his own Daddy, and a lab brother named Chubby! He is so lucky…and so is his furever family!

Duby has Spina Bifida and will be a diaper kiddo lifelong, but his new Dad is becoming a pro at diaper changing!

Duby, we are always here for you!


Natasha was fostering with one of our alumni, Jujubee. They fell in love with her, and decided that she was already home. The best kind of fail…foster fail!

Remember, we ARE HERE FOR YOU!


Hewie was adopted in April 2018 to a wonderful family here in Vancouver, WA. He has his very own Papa, Mama, and sister! He will continue cart training and physical therapy. We are so excited that Hewie will be so close to the Pad!

Remember, we ARE HERE FOR YOU!


Star has been adopted and living in Portland, OR. She is very lucky to be with the family who has accepted her into their lives.  She is a very playful, loving English Bulldog who will get to spend her days at work with her Mama. The rest of the time she will just enjoy all things bulldog!

Remember, we ARE HERE FOR YOU!


Opal has been adopted and living in Portland, OR. She is very lucky to be with the family who has accepted her into their lives.  She is a very playful, loving English Bulldog with spina bifida. She does wear a diaper as she is unable to control her potty business, but her mobility is completely intact. Her family is active in sports so this will be great for her.

Remember, we ARE HERE FOR YOU!


Bane-Berry is a very lucky little bulldog who got to go live in Visalia, CA with a big group of bulldogs and humans we know and love! He is living it up in Sunny Cali and loves his family very much! He got to be adopted just in time for Christmas 2017!

Bane we are ALWAYS here for you!!


Blu-Berry is a 4 year old French Bulldog with scoliosis and IVDD. She is mildly incontinent. Because Blu was not very dog friendly AND wears a diaper, finding her furever family was quite the challenge. LPR does NOT give up! We took her to behavioral training, we searched high and low, we had the best foster situation for her needs. Finally, her family was found! Blu is living the high life with her dad Connor, and his mom Heather in Salem Oregon. This girl hit the jackpot! This family really knows how special Blu is and they appreciate her every single day. Blu, you are a bright shiny penny and we love you! We are always here for you!

Penny Pumpernickel

Penny Pumpernickel, aka Adora-Bull Penny, is an English Bulldog with Spina Bifida and Megacolon. LPR provided her spay, microchip and vaccines before finding her ‘furever’ family! At 6 months old we found Penny’s home. Penny is going to be living in Vancouver, BC. As Khali calls it, Bully-Camp with Hennessy and Harlow, 2 other SB pups! You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram @hennessy_harlow_and_penny_pumpernickel.

Hope McChooChoo

Hope McChooChoo, Born June 2017, is a litter mate to Charity Chicklet McChooChoo. She came to LPR very shortly after Charity did.

Like Charity, Hope  osteochondrodysplasia. This means that she has a very shortened body, with normal size organs. She also has severe hip dysplasia that required FHO (femoral head osteotomy) surgery in both hips. She has recovered from this and her spay very nicely. She also needed a repair to a severe cherry eye.

Hope is living here in Vancouver, WA with her furever family. She has her very own boy! Her parents Deann and Jeremy just love her to pieces. And her human boy is her BFF! She is in very good hands! She even has an older EB sister named Delilah!

We love you Hope, we are ALWAYS here for you!

Charity Chicklet McChooChoo / Now Lola June

Charity Chicklet McChooChoo is a very special little girl. Born June 2017, she comes to LPR via owner surrender. Her owner started to see some physical and medical issues going on, and felt her environment was not the best fit. Charity came to LPR 11/25/17 and is in foster where she is being potty trained, crate trained, and awaiting medical care.

Charity has a pretty rare condition. She has a condition called osteochondrodysplasia. This means that she has a very shortened body, with normal size organs. This can pose many problems, so we will just manage things as they come up. For example, pressure on the lungs make breathing more of a challenge. She also has severe hip dysplasia that required FHO (femoral head osteotomy) surgery. She has recovered from this and her spay very nicely.

Charity is now Lola June, and has moved to London, Ontario, Canada! Her furever mom, Tanya flew all the way to the PNW to get her and take her home. Lola June has a boxer sister named Lily Charlotte and they are surely going to be the best sisters ever!

We love you Lola June, we are ALWAYS here for you!

Matilda, formerly Delilah

PUPDATE: Matilda is fostering in Colorado with her Furever Family, and wouldn’t you know it??!! It’s a perfect fit! LPR will be responsible for her medical care and supplies until she is medically cleared after surgery. Once cleared, we will sign the official adoption contract. Congrats Matilda/Delilah!

Delilah was born January 2017 in Houston. TX. She found her way to LPR by way of another rescue who freed her from the shelter. When they realized she had medical needs beyond what they could provide for, they reached out to us and we gladly stepped in. Delilah has Spina Bifida with some hind end paralysis, bilateral cherry eye and an elongated palate. She will be traveling to LPR on October 7, with an arrival date of October 15th. She will then be spayed, have her palate trimmed, and her cherry eyes fixed. Applications are being accepted for Delilah, however she will not be ready for adoption until she is fully recovered from surgery. If you’d like to help LPR with her extensive vet bills, please send your tax deductible donation via PayPal @ lilyspadrescue@gmail.com, or snail mail to 1701 Broadway #258, Vancouver, WA 98663.


JujuBee is a beautiful Olde English Bulldog with Spina Bifida and Grade II/IV heart murmur, born 12/27/17.  She came to Lily’s Pad Rescue as a breeder surrender.  She had a rough start, but with love and a lot of patience sifting through her bowel issues and food sensitivities, we successfully found her furever family! Her new Mama is willing to continue to work with her through her special needs concerning her special diet and weight challenges. JujuBee has 4 fur-sibling, and even a few horse siblings! Fun Fact: JujuBee will be joined to this family (different address) by Penny Pumpernickel!


Charlie was surrendered to Lily’s Pad Rescue at 10 weeks by his breeder who loved him very much. She was advised to euthanize him by her vet, but she knew he had so much life and wanted to give him the best possible future. He came to LPR and we were able to find his furever family. He has wonderful parents and big Akita brother named Tarkio.


Stewart was surrendered by his owners just before his 1 year “barkday.” His owners could not manage the special needs of a dog with spina bifida so LPR was contacted. Stewart has a very mild case of spina bifida. He can control his bowel movements but not always his urine. He was adopted by a wonderful family local to LPR, so we get to visit him from time to time. He has amazing parents and two human brothers who love him very much!


Scooter is a 12 month old English/French/American Bulldog mix living with his adoptive mom in California. He was surrendered by a breeder who neglected to provide care once it was realized he had severe Spina Bifida. As as result of this lack of care, Scooter is very limited in his mobility and physical ability, and requires use of a cart, which he is still trying to learn how to use. He is receiving hydrotherapy and physical therapy in order to build up the strength to use the cart.


Ollie came to LPR when his mom was unable to continue caring for her due to difficult life circumstances. She did the best thing for him by allowing us to find a loving home for him. Ollie was a senior and had megaesophagus but was such a happy guy! He was adopted to a home in California to a veterinarian who took him to work everyday!


Logan came to LPR as an owner surrender when it was realized he had Spina Bifida and would require special care, such as diapering and regular hygiene. He came to us when he was about 10 months old, and his furever family found him here and took him home where he has two big brothers, one being a bulldog! He is very happy and doing great! He loves to run around with his brothers in their backyard. SB did not affect Logan’s mobility at all! He is REALLY FAST!


Huck is an English Bulldog born on Super Bowl Sunday, 2/5/17. Over the last year, this little guy has shown us what TOUGH looks like. Huck came from a loving home, but his previous family needed to do right by him and let LPR take care of his very special needs. Huck has Spina Bifida, but also narrowing of the spinal column which left him paralyzed in the back end. His legs were hindering his movement, and starting to twist, which became a dangerous situation. The twisting threatened to paralyze him further up the spine, which could eventually affect his ability to breathe. Since this was happening rapidly, the decision was made to have both back legs amputated. This decision saved his life and has dramatically improved the quality of his life. Huck prefers to get around on his own two paws rather than using a cart. He does have one, but he’s made it pretty clear that he doesn’t need, nor want it. Happy 1st Barkday Huck! You made it!

Huck has officially been made a part of the LPR Sanctuary and is therefore not available for adoption. This is a very special part of LPR that we reserve for those who are thriving more being here at the Pad. He joins Wilbur in our Sanctuary program. Our hope is to soon grow so we may add more to this program.

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